Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen by Steve Sims

Steve Sims is the guy who makes things happen.  He created the company called Bluefish, which he calls a ‘concierge’ company; basically he makes once in a lifetime dreams happen for people.  In this book he shares his secrets on how he achieves it.

I read this book very quickly, and I will admit that it is the first book that I have read cover to cover in a while!  And I was carrying it around the house with me for a couple of days after I’d finished as if I was hoping more knowledge would soak into me by osmosis.

Easy to Read?

Steve uses very easy language to get his point across, making it a comfortable and enjoyable read. He writes it in a very ‘story telling’ way, and very often I had the feeling he was talking directly to me.  At the end of each chapter, he also summarises what he covered so that you can have a quick recap.


Most definitely, Steve explains the thought processes behind what he does, and he shows you how personal he is with every single person that helps him.  It’s a very inspiring read, and makes you want to start moving forward right now.  I was sat on a plane for much of the time I was reading this, and part of me was starting to get a bit restless because I wanted to get off and start putting some of what I was learning into practice!

Some great quotes:

“No one ever drowned from falling in water. They drowned from staying there.”

“There’s a world of noise out there. If you let technology set the rules for your communication, and if you hide behind emails, and automated drip campaigns, and scheduled Facebook posts, no one will ever hear you.”

“While people are thinking about things and planning it to death, I’ve already put my shoes on and gone and done it. The Bluefishing creed is move, act, do, go. Action is everything. Learn what you don’t know, then try again.”

Would I take the author out for a drink?

When’s good for you, Steve?!


I’m not sure what I’m still doing sat here writing this review, I’m going to go and make some stuff happen!!


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